Adjuvant Therapy in India

When Adjuvant Therapy is required?

Adjuvant therapy primarily includes all those post surgical therapies that are given to a cancer patient to ensure a complete recovery and also reduces the chance of recurrence of the disease. Adjuvant therapy comprises chemo therapy, radiation therapy, hormonal therapy, immunotherapy and others.

This therapy is basically given as an additional treatment to the primary surgical one. It mainly strives for the overall recovery of the patient and extends his survival span. It is required for various types of cancer of the lung, breast, prostate, colon and others.

Types of Adjuvant Therapy

  The commonly recommended adjuvant therapies used by the oncologists for treating a cancer patient includes:

  • Chemotherapy- This is generally injected into the patient’s body that kills the malignant cells and stops the abnormal growth of cancer. It gets circulated in the entire body, destroying the cancer cells wherever they are located.
  • Radiation therapy- In this procedure, often the patient receives high powered energy beams externally that has a negative impact on the cancer cells. Radiation therapy can be given to the patient internally also, depending on his/her situation. Adjuvant radiation therapy focuses mainly on the primary cancer site so as to prevent the recurrence of the disease.
  • Hormone therapy- This therapy helps in curbing the production of certain hormones that trigger the growth of cancer cells. Hormonal therapy is often prescribed along with radiation or chemo therapies.
  • Immunotherapy- This technique is used to stimulate the body’s immune system to fight the cancer cells. It helps in either supplementing or stimulating the body’s natural defenses.
  • Targeted therapy- This therapy facilitates in altering the cancer cells which have abnormalities in them. Medications are often given which target some specific proteins present in the abnormal cells.

Different methods to perform Adjuvant Therapy

There are different methods of performing adjuvant therapy depending n the type and stage of cancer.

  • Like chemotherapy often includes the usage of a combination of anti cancer drugs and helps preventing cell division. Adjuvant chemotherapy is often used after the tumor has been surgically removed to reduce the chances of relapse of cancer in the near future. Chemotherapy can be injected into the body, given through the intravenous method through a thin needle fitted into the vein of the hand, can be taken orally or also through a catheter if need arises.
  • Adjuvant radiation therapy often assures successful results in treating cancer patients. Radiation therapy can be either given externally or internally (brachytherapy). Systemic radiation therapy is another method where radioactive substance is either taken orally or infused into the blood that travels throughout the body.
  • Hormonal therapy used mainly in breast, prostate and ovarian cancer comprises the intake of medications that curtails the cancer cells from getting the hormones that initiate their growth.
  • For immunotherapy, medications are given that stimulates the natural hormones in the body to fight the cancer cells. This curbs the spread of cancer from the primary site and also lessens the chance of recurrence of the disease.

 Precautions / Points to remember

Patients suffering from cancer should remember that adjuvant therapy might not benefit everyone. Thus, the patient should remember to seek advice from the oncologist before undertaking the therapies,

  • Some microscopic bits of cancer may remain undetectable and adjuvant therapy might help in such cases.
  • Hormonal adjuvant therapy may not b effective if the patient’s malignant tumor is not sensitive to that particular hormone.
  • Adjuvant therapies do not assure completely the recurrence of the disease.
  • Adjuvant chemo therapy might result in nausea, mucositis, and myelosuppression along with alopecia.
  • Adjuvant radiation therapy can cause skin irritations, fatigue and other related difficulties.

Success rate of Adjuvant Therapy

The success of adjuvant therapy after the removal of the cancerous tumor depends significantly on the type and stage of cancer. If the cancer is at an advanced stage, then adjuvant therapy might not be of great help. Also, If more lymph nodes are affected by cancer, then there persists a greater chance that more cancer cells will remain even after the surgery. Thus, in such cases disease and type specific therapy should be given for effective results. Generally in majority of cancers, adjuvant therapies have been successful in eradicating the cancer cells, thereby enhancing the recovery of the patient and reducing the risks of recurrence of the disease.

 Cost of Adjuvant Therapy in India

 Each chemo therapy session in India commences from approximately $900 and the radiation therapy comes in different packages depending upon the need of the patient. On an average, the entire treatment package amounts to $9500 inclusive of surgery and additional adjuvant therapies. Thus, the total cost required for the treatment in India when compared to the cost in the western countries is much lower.

 Top Indian hospitals for Adjuvant Therapy

India has a number of hospitals catering to the needs of the cancer patients.

  • Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai
  • Apollo Cancer Institute, Chennai
  • Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon
  • Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai
  • Global Health City, Chennai
  • BGS Global Hospital, Bengaluru
  • Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai
  • Yashoda Cancer Institute,Hyderabad
  • Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi
  • Continental Cancer Institute and Radiation Center, Hyderabad

 Best Adjuvant Therapy surgeons in India

The major hospitals in India have an expert team of oncologist treating patients from all across the world. Some of the most experienced doctors in this field are:

  • Kamran Ahmed Khan ( Global Hospitals, Mumbai)
  • Rajendra Badwe ( Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai)
  • Vedant Kabra (Fortis Memorial Research Hospital, Gurgaon )
  • Sameer Kaul ( Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi)
  • Sanjay Dudhat ( Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai)
  • Boman Dhanbar ( Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai)
  • Jayanti S Thumsi ( BGS Global Hospital, Benagluru)
  • Harsh Dua (Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi)
  • Jai Prakash Agarwal ( Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai)
  • Ravindra Vottery ( Yashoda Cancer Insitute, Hyderabad)

 Patient testimonials

  • A patient from Tanzania writes:

“My 14 year old son would often have joint aches that would cause discomfort in his physical activities. Sometimes it would also cause swelling in his legs. On visiting a doctor and getting physical tests done, my child got diagnosed with osteosarcoma.  As treatment in my hometown was not that advanced, and my child’s condition was causing him extreme difficulty, I decided to take an immediate action. My friend suggested me to refer to Medicure Assist for immediate help, as getting the treatment done in India would not only be within a reasonable amount but also assuring. In my entire course with my child’s treatment, Medicure Assist acted as a blessing in disguise for me. They suggested Apollo Cancer Institute, Chennai for my child’s treatment. They got the necessary appointments done at the hospital and took care of every little need. Conveyance and our accommodation were also made easier with their management. A pediatric oncologist along with his team conducted a couple of tests along with needle biopsy and then they decided to go for chemotherapy as a part of the treatment. Complementary adjuvant medications were also prescribed. Thankfully the cancer was at an early stage and a remarkable improvement gradually surfaced in his health. I am happy with the cooperation I received from the hospital and the medical staff and am also grateful to Medicure Assist for helping me throughout the treatment process and coming to our rescue whenever in need.”

  • A 55 year old patient from Ireland narrates about his experience in India:

“Since I had recurrent abdominal pain, I went to see a doctor and after some regular tests was advised to go in for a colonoscopy. To my utter shock, I was detected with Stage I colon cancer. I began thinking about the treatment procedure and also about the cost that would be incurred in the process. Since I had knowledge about cancer prognosis being well in India, I thought of availing it. After consulting with Medicure Assist, I became sure of my choice. The team offered me detailed information about some of the best cancer hospitals in India and their respective treatment package costs. They also provided me an outline about the span of my stay in India depending on my treatment. As per their guidance, I got myself admitted in the hospital, where I underwent a successful surgery. An opening in the abdominal wall was also done, which would help in the excretion of the solid waste. I was then given adjuvant chemotherapy for a complete recovery. With the help of Medicure I could get my treatment done in a hassle free manner as they always came to my aid in matters of booking, medications and conveyance. During my stay in India, I did rely on the team completely and was never disappointed with their proposals and prompt service. I am also obliged to my oncologist for helping me to deal with cancer and as assured I am doing perfectly fine now. I would surely recommend any cancer patient to trust India for an effective treatment and to surely get in touch with Medicure Assist for a smoother journey.”

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