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Anterior Cruciate Ligament ACL Surgery Cost India

Anterior Cruciate Ligament ACL Surgery Cost India

When is the Anterior Cruciate Ligament Surgery required?

In our knee area three bones- the shin bone (Tibia), the thigh bone (Femur) and the knee cap (Patella) meet at the knee joint. These three bones are connected to each other by ligaments. Ligaments are thin nerves which act like strong strings to hold the bones together. There are four main ligaments in our knee area which help the bones to keep stable. Following are the types of ligaments:

  • Collateral ligaments: they are situated at the side of the knee and they are responsible for a sideways movement of the leg.
  • Cruciate ligaments: these ligaments are inside the knee joint. The anterior cruciate ligament is situated diagonally in the middle of the knee. This ligament helps to keep the tibia and femur at place and avoiding them to slide in front of each other. This ligament is also responsible for the rotational movement and stability of the knee.

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament cannot bear extreme stretching or pressure and can get injured due to various ways like the following:

  • Sudden change of direction of leg while running.
  • Sudden stopping
  • Jumping and landing in an incorrect angle
  • Collision onto something

The ligament can loosen, get damaged or tear wholly. In any of such cases, the patient experiences extreme pain, swollen knees and inability to move the injured leg.

To be able to return to the normal physical activities, the person has to undergo Anterior Cruciate Ligament Surgery (ACL).

How is it done?

The partially damaged ligament cannot be stitched. It has to be rebuilt. In the surgical way to restore the ligament, the surgeon has to replace the torn ligament with a tissue graft. The tissue graft is made of a tendon (Tendons are tissues that connect the muscles with the bones). With the help of these new tissues, the new ligament grows back. The tissue graft is taken from the patient’s body itself. Suitable healthy tissues grafts can be taken from the patellar tendon, hamstring tendons, quadriceps tendons etc. It depends on the patient’s health, from where the graft should be removed for the purpose of regrowth.

Methods to carry out the Anterior Cruciate Ligament Surgery

The ligament is a very delicate part in our body which needs to be handled with utmost care.

  • Open ACL Surgery: In very rare case the Anterior Cruciate Ligament Surgery is performed openly, that means by making a larger incision.

However, with the help of today’s technological advances, this surgery has become easier.

  • Minimally Invasive ACL Surgery: The doctors advise to choose this surgical method of the operation. In this methods, a very small incision is made in the damaged area of the knee. By inserting a very small HD camera, the inside of the knee is examined. This process is called as the arthroscopy. Using small tools and surgical instrument, the damaged ligament is repaired. Due to this surgical method, the person suffers less pain, does not have to stay in hospital for a longer period of time and it also enables precision to the surgeon.

Success rate of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Surgery

Out of 100 ACL Surgeries in India, in approximately 10-15 cases, the grafted ligaments ruptures. It can happen due to heavy physical activity done immediately after the surgery. But in the other remaining cases, the patient feels strong and stable.

Points to remember:

Following points must be considered before opting for the surgery:

  • Selection of an optimal graft
  • Medical insurance
  • Holiday for minimum 6 months after the surgery
  • Readiness to follow the instruction given by the physiotherapist

Cost of Anterior cruciate surgery in India

The cost of ACL Surgery in India can vary from 75,000 rupees to 1.5 lakhs. The cost depends on the type of grafting, procedure, doctor’s fees etc. The patient may require to bear extra costs of around 20,000 rupees after the surgery.

Top rated hospitals for Anterior Cruciate Ligament surgery in India

There are many Indian hospitals which provide the world class treatment and services. Following are some of the best hospitals for knee surgeries:

  • Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai
  • Fortis Hospital in Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad etc.
  • Max hospital in Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore
  • Apollo Hospital in Chennai and Delhi

Best surgeons for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Surgery

Following are some of the best experienced doctors who expertise in this field:

  • Dr. IPS Oberoi
  • Dr. Vishal Sehgal
  • Dr. Debashish
  • Dr. Harshavardhan Hegde
  • Dr.V. Daya Thirumala Rao

Patients’ Testimonials

  • “I am an Indian by birth, but I work and I have settled in America since last 4 years. As my hobby, I love to play basketball. During a match of basketball, I collided with one of the players and fell. My leg started paining. Firstly I thought it was just a normal sprain in the knee, but then it was swollen and I could hardly walk. After going to my physiotherapist he told me that my ligament had got torn and I need Anterior Cruciate Ligament Surgery. But the cost of the surgery in America was too high. My family in India advised me to come to India for the surgery. So I got in touch with a company called as Health Tour India which provided me with the best logistics. They took care of my travel and their staff also came to pick me up at the airport (because I could not walk properly). They help me get in touch with the best knee surgeon and I got operated successfully. After the surgery, my surgeon advised me to stay in India till the regrowth of my ligament. After around 5 months, my ligament was healthy as before. I thank health tour India and for helping me throughout the process and also the expert surgeons.”

  • “Hello, I am Javed Ibrahim. I am a student and I am a professional athlete. A year ago, my knee suddenly started paining. I lost all the power in that knee joint and couldn’t move my leg at all. I thought I will never be able to run and be the best athlete. I immediately researched about the good knee surgeons in India. I got in contact with Dr. Debashish. He explained be about what had happened to my leg, how the ligaments work, the surgery done to rebuild the damaged ligament etc. in the next 2 months he did all the necessary tests and I got an arthroscopic ACL Surgery in Delhi. The operation lasted for just 1 hour and I got discharged in just 2 days. After the surgery, I used crutches to walk, did light exercises as told by the doctor and let my knee relax. After just 3 months, I could start walking like before. After regaining the power in my knee, I can now run and win the races. I thank Dr. Debashish for the precious guidance and care. I suggest you to visit the best Indian hospitals in case of any knee problems.”

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