Combination Therapy in India

 When is Combination Therapy required?

Combination therapy generally makes usage of multiple therapies or medications to treat a disease. In case of treating cancer patients also, combination therapy is required and it makes usage of two or more therapeutic drugs. Like chemotherapy when given in combination is the most effective approach for treating patients. Each drug is used at an optimum dose for combination and thus has no significant side effects. Oncologists often recommend the combination of chemo, radiation and hormonal therapy for ensuring fruitful results. The type, stage and spread of cancer often determine whether the patient needs a single therapy or a combination therapy.

Types of Combination Therapy

 Often the use of anti cancer drugs helps in an effective treatment in cancer. Combination of chemotherapy with nanoparticle drug has succeeded in achieving the desired results in treating cancer. Nanoparticle drug efficiently enhances the effectiveness of the given medications and manages to reduce its side effects. The three common types of combination therapy medications available are:

  • General chemotherapy given along with gene specific medications (siRNA) carrying nanoparticle.
  • Chemical and siRNA therapeutics combined specially within a single nanoparticle.
  • Medications using multiple nanoparticles for siRNA and chemical therapeutics.

 How it is done?    

 Recent developments in medical science, especially in the field of cancer have helped oncologists to come up with new approaches to tackle this disease. Combination therapy being one of them, the usage of targeted drugs on the cancerous cells has been a successful endeavor. The use of angiogenic drugs helps in curbing the growth of cancer cells thus preventing its spread in the body. Immunotherapy is also being widely used to check on the recurrence of the disease.

 Precautions / Points to remember

Patients suffering from cancer should take proper care in the post operative period and pay heed to certain precautionary aspects for a quicker and complete recovery.

  • The amount of medicine that the patient intakes should be strictly done under the guidance of the oncologist.
  • Patients must remember that this therapy provides anti therapeutic cancer benefits but also has a potentiality to reduce drug resistance.
  • It also checks the growth of the cancer ad reduces the chances of metastatic cancer.
  • Certain patients might get affected with edema during the course of the therapy.
  • Complications may arise according to the age of the patient and also if he/she is already a diabetic patient.

 Success rate of Combination Therapy

Combination therapy not only assures a complete recovery but also prevents recurrence of the disease. It also has no harsh impact on other organs and tissues. For example, in patients suffering from bone cancer, surgical amputation often used to be conducted but recently the combination of chemo and radiation therapy have made it possible to prevent the loss of the limb and also kills the cancer cells. Thus, combination therapy has been effectively used in treating cancer of the breast, prostate, lung and other body parts.

 Cost of Combination Therapy in India        

 Cancer treatment is reasonably low in India compared to western countries. On an average for a six months treatment inclusive of various therapies and the medications the cost ranges between $1500 to $2500 in India. The cost depends upon the type of cancer also, as treatment procedures differ accordingly.  According to the patient’s condition, the oncologist may design the treatment process for him/her which may include medications or other therapeutic treatments. This may increase the cost, yet in India the price of the treatment package is never excessively high. The cost further gets reduced if one is likely to get treated in the Government hospitals, that generally caters to the needs of the marginalized sections of society.

Top Indian hospitals for Combination Therapy

  The Indian hospitals with the latest means of technology and proficient doctors have set a new benchmark in the treatment of cancer. Some of the best hospitals in India catering to cancer patients making effective usage of combination therapy including chemo and radiation therapy are:

  • Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai
  • Apollo Cancer Institute, Chennai
  • Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi
  • Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon
  • Dharamshila Cancer Hospital, New Delhi
  • Medanta-The Medicity, Gurgaon
  • Columbia Asia, Yeshwantpur
  • Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon
  • Narayana Cancer Hospital, Bangalore
  • Global Health City, Chennai

 Best Combination Therapy surgeons in India

 India has a wide channel of medical units and hospitals where experienced doctors offer life saving treatment to help patients defeat cancer. Often combination therapy acts as a savior which along with the other therapies has a long lasting and beneficial impact on the person’s health.Some of the famous oncologists of India who render successful cancer treatment for patients are:

  • Ashok Vaid ( Medanta- The Medicity, Gurgaon)
  • Vinod Raina ( Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon)
  • Rajesh Mistry ( Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai) Dr.)
  • Sabhyata Gupta ( Medanta- The Medicity, Gurgaon)
  • Kamran Ahmed Khan ( Global Hospitals, Mumbai)
  • B V Lawrence ( Fortis Malar Hospital, Chennai)
  • Vedant Kabra (Fortis Memorial Research Hospital, Gurgaon )
  • Sameer Kaul ( Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi)
  • Sanjay Dudhat ( Nanavati Hospital, Vile Parle)
  • Ramesh Sarin (Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, Delhi)

 Patient testimonials 

  • A 48 year old woman from Montreal, writes about her treatment in India:

“2 years ago I had been suffering from cancer. After a biopsy it got confirmed that I had HER2- positive breast cancer. The news came to me as a shock and I felt helpless. I immediately began searching on the internet for diagnostic procedures in an affordable price. In the mean time, a colleague of my husband told that India could be a fruitful option for getting my treatment done. We gave a second thought about the proposal and decided to opt for it. At this juncture, Medicure Assist came to our rescue. They detailed us about the best hospitals in India along with their package amount. With their referral, we chose for Nanavati Hospital. The team helped us to get my appointment done with the oncologist also. On examining me properly, he proposed a surgery followed by radiation and chemo therapy. As the cancer was at its advanced stage I was also given medications after the treatment was done. My surgery was successful and I underwent the required treatment to recover completely. Now, I am back to my normal life and still take the prescribed medicines to assure that the disease doesn’t reoccur. During my stay in India, Medicure Assist acted as a constant guide to me and my family. From the necessary bookings at the hospital and at the clinics for my regular scanning, it took care of all the important needs. The help I got from them is really inexplicable. Also, my treatment would never have been successful without the dedication of my oncologist. He patiently dealt with me and helped me immensely to defeat cancer. I am thankful for the support I got from the hospital as well as from Medicure Assist in helping to emerge as a cancer free person.”

  • Another patient from Ethiopia narrates:

“Last year I was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma and as the treatment procedure involves intricacies I was not willing to take the risk of getting the surgery done in my native country. I was advised by my physician to look up in the internet about India where I could avail my treatment. There I came across Medicure Assist who provided the patients with helpful information. I got in touch with them, they briefed me about the hospitals where I could get my surgery and other necessary therapies done at a low cost. I found the information they shared with me really beneficial as it helped me to chalk out my plans. On visiting India, they got my appointment done at the hospital, helped me with my lodging and also provided for my conveyance for my checkups. There after diagnosis, the doctor said that there was a chance of the cancer in spreading to my lymph nodes also. Thus, immediately I was admitted and a surgery was conducted where along with a small margin of my lower lips the tumor was removed. I was then told to go for a radiation therapy and was prescribed some combination medications to prevent the spread of cancer in the body and also to check on its further recurrence. Throughout my treatment, especially when I was undergoing my radiation therapy, Medicure Assist came to my aid. They helped me immensely with my conveyance to the hospital everyday and cooperated with me on my every health need. Without their assistance, my treatment would not have been made this easy. I would recommend every patient to get in touch with Medicure Assist for getting an effective treatment done in India.”

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