Craniosynostosis Treatment in India

When is Craniosynostosis Treatment needed?

Craniosynostosis is a condition that a baby gets naturally wherein the skull of the baby grows to an abnormal size. When the cranial sutures fuse early, it leads to this order. This disorder can be caused due to the defect in the gene mutation. It can also be caused when the foetus takes an abnormal position in the womb, putting pressure on it delicate skull, then the plates of the skull bon can crash on to one another leading to the fusion of the sutures. The Craniosynostosis can be of different types like- Sagittal Craniosynostosis, Coronal Craniosynostosis, Metopic Craniosynostosis, and Lamboid Craniosynostosis. The type of Craniosynostosis decides the shape of the skull of the baby. These abnormal skull structure can pose a threat to the development of the brain of the baby. Hence, the Craniosynostosis surgery has to be done to avoid the future health problems.

How is Craniosynostosis Treatment done in India?

The treatment of Craniosynostosis depends on a number of factors as follows:

  • The age and the medical history of the child since its birth.
  • The type of Craniosynostosis it is showing.
  • The degree of Craniosynostosis etc.

But in general Craniosynostosis Surgery, the surgeon makes and incision on the head of the child. Through this incision, the damaged parts of the sutures are removed carefully. With the help of plastic surgeons, the remaining skull is then given shape. The surgeons use metal plates and screws in order to keep the new shape intact till the bone heals completely. After 1 or 2 years, these metal attachments in the brains start dissolving.

Different methods of Craniosynostosis surgery

The Craniosynostosis can be operated in the following 2 ways:

  • Open Surgery: The Craniosynostosis treatment surgery is most of the times an open surgery. The entire surgery is carried out by making a relatively big incision. Open surgery are too risk because it can lead to a sudden heavy blood loss resulting a brain stroke.
  • Endoscopic strip craniectomy: The endoscopic strip craniectomy can be done only if the lambdoid or the sagittal sutures are fused I the skull. In this procedure, the surgeon takes out a strip and aligns in such a way that is gives a proper shape to the skull. After the surgery, the baby’s head is covered with a helmet for the next 3-4 months until the skull moulds into a normal shape.

Points to remember

  • Craniosynostosis is a disorder which can be seen right from the birth. When a baby is born, his bones are still soft and flexible. Most of the doctors suggest to opt for this surgery as early as possible, so that it becomes easier for the skull bones of the baby to take a normal shape.
  • It is the responsibility of the parents to examine the baby’s actions continuously and consult a doctor immediately in case of any unusual behaviour of the child. Apart from the size of the head, vomiting, stomach ache, continuous crying of the baby etc. can also be some symptoms of Craniosynostosis.

Success rate of Craniosynostosis in India

The success rate of this surgery is approximately 75-80%. In the other cases, there might be a need of a re-surgery if the skull does not mould into a normal shape. In only 3-5% cases this surgery can lead to severe complications.

Cost of Craniosynostosis in India

The cost of Craniosynostosis Surgery in India starts from around 8000 USD. The cost can differ depending on the type of Craniosynostosis, the method of surgery chosen, the stay at the hospital and the incidental charges incurred during the surgery. This Craniosynostosis surgery in India is cost-effective as compared to the other countries.

Best Hospitals for Craniosynostosis in India

Following are some of the best hospitals in India to get this surgery:

  • Global Hospitals
  • Apollo Indraprastha Hospital, Delhi
  • Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon
  • Apollo Hospital in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai
  • Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai
  • Medanta Medicity, Gurgaon
  • Jaslok Hospitals
  • Fortis Hospitals
  • Max healthcare Hospitals.

Best surgeons for Craniosynostosis in India

Following are some of the best neurosurgeons in India:

  • Dr. Krishnan KN
  • Dr. Thimappa Hegde
  • Dr. Alok Ranjan
  • Dr. Paresh K Doshi
  • Dr. Ajaya Nand Jha
  • Dr. Satish Rudrappa
  • Dr. Siddhartha Ghosh
  • Dr. Subodh Raju
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