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A Better Life With Deep Brain Stimulation Treatment in India

A Better Life With Deep Brain Stimulation Treatment in India

Medicure Assist offers Deep Brain Stimulation Treatment in India to treat various disabling neurological problems such as Parkinson’s disease etc. Deep Brain Stimulation Treatment is surgical procedure which is performed on patients experiencing disabling neurological symptoms. To treat these underlying symptoms Deep Brain Stimulation Treatment is performed. India has positioned itself as the best medical tourism destination for getting high quality Deep Brain Stimulation Treatment at highly affordable cost.
To layman Deep Brain Stimulation Treatment can undertood as a treatment in which the healthy cells in the brain are not targeted instead, this procedure blocks the electrical signals from the targeted part of the brain tissue. Tremors that patients feel is a common symptom of Parkinson’s disease patients. And this underlying cause of tremors is due to the electrical signals in the brain. By treating this major underlying cause the Parkinson’s disease patients can expect major relief.
Deep Brain Stimulation Treatment is currently offered to patients whose symptoms cannot be addressed by medications. In Deep Brain Stimulation Treatment a device called neurotransmitter is implanted into the brain. This is very much similar to implanting a pacemaker in the heart. The neurotransmitter , which is similar in size to a stopwatch, sends out electrical signals at appropriate time in that part of the brain which controls the movement Also the neurotransmitter blocks out the abnormal brain electrical signals that cause tremor in patients.
Deep Brain Stimulation Treatment is a known effective and affirmative surgical treatment method for patients suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. We at Medicure Assist understand the need for getting Deep Brain Stimulation Treatment in India. Therefore, we have dedicated neurologists in place to look after your case on individual basis.
Also we would like to tell our patients that Deep Brain Stimulation Treatment cost in India would be approximately between $22000 USD to $25000 depending upon the case type. The duration of stay in hospital for Deep Brain Stimulation Treatment would be 8 days and another 14 days of stay in India post surgery.
For complete details and to get a personal appointment with our neurologists you can send us an email along with your medical case history. Rest assured you can expect highly affordable internationally certified quality Deep Brain Stimulation Treatment in India.

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