Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Surgery India

Get safe and certified Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Surgery India at India's best orthopaedic hospitals at highly affordable costs.

What is Birmingham Hip Resurfacing?

Birmingham is another method of hip replacement in which the bone can be conserved unlike in case of the traditional hip replacement surgery. This hip replacement surgery was invented by Derek McMinn, in which the natural bone structure and the joints are preserved. When the natural bone is conserved properly in the body, it give a long term positive result, stability and enables high level of physical activity after the surgery. Birmingham Hip resurfacing has repaired the complicated hip arthritis of many youngsters, players and athletes successfully and has given them freedom for the pain and the uncomfortable life. Maximum of the patients are now enjoying their lives as a new one with full energy.

 How is Birmingham Hip Resurfacing done?

Birmingham hip resurfacing surgery is an alternative for hip resurfacing. The procedure for Birmingham hip resurfacing surgery function on the same concept of hip resurfacing. To know the Birmingham hip surgery, it is important to be aware of the hip structure.

The hip consists of the pelvis bone. It has a circular socket in which the thigh bone fits itself. At the end of the thigh bone, there is a ball like structured bone called as the femur. This structure is attached to the pelvis. Between the joint, there is a continuous secretion of a fluid, which gets spread on the joint lubricating it, reducing the friction between the bones and making it easy while walking, running and during other physical movements. As the age of the person increases, the secretion of this lubricating fluid gets reduced. As a result, the joining bones rub on each other. This makes the bones rough. The cartilage over the femur gets degraded, exposing directly the bone stem to the friction.

In the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing surgery, only the damaged part of the cartilage is made smooth and capped. In other words, Birmingham surgery just replaces the damaged cartilage, keeping the remaining thigh bone natural and intact. The case is exact opposite in case of Total Hip replacement surgery in which the damaged bone is chopped off and a metal implant is attached to it.

In Birmingham Hip Replacement surgery, cobalt-chrome implant which looks like a metal cap, is used to protect the damaged femur. The other functions of the joint do not get affected due to this surgery. Also, the lubricating fluid acts successfully in case of the newly attached implants.

Birmingham Hip Resurfacing failure rate

There are many advantages of Birmingham Hip Resurfacing surgery. When a person undergoes this surgery, there might come a time in future when the replacement needs to be revised. In such a case, the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing can be revised to traditional hip replacement by cutting of the stem of the bone. But there is no scope for revision if the person directly opts for Total hip replacement as his bone is already cut off and replaced.

The success of the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing surgery depends on various factors as below:

  • Types of implants used.
  • Doctor consulted, his work history, specialization and experience in this kind of surgeries.
  • The care and service provided after the surgery by the hospital.

From the medical point of view, it is very crucial to position the hip prosthesis at the right place. Also the removal process of the damaged femur is the first important step in this surgery.

The effects of failed Birmingham Resurfacing surgery can be seen a few years after the surgery. The average period of revision for this surgery is 10-15 years. That is, the patient who has already undergone this surgery will have to revise the surgery after a period of 10-15 years on an average. If the surgery fails in any case, the patient might have the following problems:

  • Slight difference between the lengths of two legs.
  • Feeling of extreme pain while moving the legs, especially during heavy physical activity.
  • Dislocation of hip due to a heavy movement of the hips
  • Negative effects on the other parts of body etc.

Cost of Birmingham Hip Resurfacing in India

As compared to the other countries, only countries like Mexico, Costa Rica and India offer this surgery in a reasonable price range. Therefore, the patients suffering from hip arthritis come all the way from UK, USA and European countries to India to get successfully operated. The cost of Birmingham Resurfacing surgery starts from around 5 lakhs and ranges till 12 lakhs depending on various factors. The total cost of the surgery covers up all the treatment expenses, fees of the doctors, logistics and all the other incidental costs. In case of foreigner patients, the hospital also offers packages that include the stay of the patient and his relatives in India, their air fare before and after the surgery etc.

Top hospitals for Birmingham Hip Resurfacing

There are many hospitals located in India which provide the best orthopaedic surgeries. These hospitals are mainly located in the cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Gurgaon etc. One can find the best trained staff, the latest technology needed for the complicated bone surgeries and also the best doctors who are much experienced in India as well as outside India. Following are some of the best hospitals in India, the patients can approach to without any insecurity and financial burdens:

  • Fortis Hospital in Delhi and Noida
  • Apollo Hospital in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad
  • Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi
  • BGS Global Hospital in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad
  • Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon
  • Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon
  • BLK Super speciality Hospital, New Delhi
  • Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai

Top doctors for Birmingham Hip Resurfacing

Without good doctors, it is impossible to get a successful Birmingham Resurfacing surgery. There are only a handful of doctors who specialize in this surgery. They are as follows:

  • Dr Vijay C Bose- Apollo Hospital, Chennai. Since the year 2000, most of the Birmingham Hip resurfacing surgeries in India are carried out by Dr. Vijay Bose. Dr. Bose has also operated many non-Indian patients
  • Kaushal Malhan- Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai. This surgeon has performed over 800 Hip Resurfacing surgeries in India

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