Breast Cancer Treatment in India

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1. A Multidisciplinary strategy of reviewing your medical case by consulting with top cancer specialists, experts in Radiation Oncology as well as Medical Oncology.

2. Top Cancer Experts who follow the most recent cancer therapy methods and technologies that are globally accepted norm

  • High Class Cancer therapy Technology
  • Novalis Radiosurgery
  • Cyberknife
  • Intensity Modulated Radiation Treatment (IMRT)
  • Image Guided Radiation Treatment (IGRT)
  • Stereotactic radiosurgery and Radiation Treatment (SRS, SRT)
  • Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT)

3. Your entire case is under one roof- from cancer testing, to early discovery, multidisciplinary therapy to rehabilitation post cancer treatment in India .

4. Highly Cost-effective and affordable packages for getting cancer treatment in India

How Breast Cancer can be diagnosed ?
A. Breast Self Examination (BSE)

Breast Cancer Self-Examination Is a testing technique used to find early breast cancer. The process includes the women feeling and looking for potential lumps, swelling or distortions in around each of her breasts . It is not difficult to do a breast self examination and also it takes just a short while. Even though it may appear annoying or unusual initially, BSE is something that you need to do during your lifetime to simply help ensure excellent breast wellness and early detection of breast cancer .

B. Medical Breast Examination

A clinical breast examination could possibly be a part of your routine check-up. Talk about how frequently you are in need of abreast assessment with your health care provider. Generally it’s recommended to have an annual visit to your Physician to get a thorough proper examination.

C. Mammogram

A mammogram is a unique x ray evaluation of the breast created using unique xray products that may often find cancers too small to be sensed throughout the breast self examination (BSE). A mammogram is a radiographic system athat is widely vailable to-day to find breast cancer. It’s well suited for women over the age of 40 years.

D. Ultrasound

The main usage of breast ultrasound today is to help diagnose breast abnormalities found by a doctor within a physical examination (including a lump or bloody or impulsive clear nipple discharge) and also to define possible abnormalities seen on mammography.

E. Pathological Evaluation

1. Fine-Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC)

A fine-needle is placed into the lump to aspirate and distribute to several tissues on a glass slip and examined to reach the analysis. FNAC is required for all breast mounds aside from the exact age of the individual.


This is a minimally-invasive, state-of-the-art way of deposits or exceptionally little mounds that can’t be sensed but are found on mammography. This technique joins pc and mammogram technologies to withdraw and find breast cancer.

All breast cancer are not the same. More evaluations will probably be performed to discover the degree of periods or the illness as well as the particular type of breast cancer. This significant measure is known as holding. After appropriate holding and an exact analysis a Treatment Solution suitable for the patient is created.

There are a lot of methods and treatments available for breast cancer such as Hormone Remedy, Chemotherapy and Surgery. All these usually are found in a combination

1) Operation

A) Breast-Conservation Surgery: Broad excision of just the Breast Group (preserving the standard breast) with removal of axillary nodes. By the end of the process,there is a normal breast that is near.

B) Modified Radical Mastectomy (MRM): This surgical procedure includes removing lymph nodes and whole breast. This surgical procedure is advised in these conditions:-

Cancer can be found in several section of the breast :
Breast are not really large and can be seriously deformed by wide excision of the lump.
In the axilla a drain is placed pursuing the surgical procedure and yet another strain is set following the Mastectomy under the flaps. This is taken out in yet another 7-14 days with respect to the level of the liquid which is emptying away. Stitches are removed following the surgical procedure.

C) Modified Radical Mastectomy with Reconstruction: For anyone who are not happy with the thought of loosing their breasts and therefore are suited for patients who require immediate breast re-construction may select this alternative. A cosmetic surgeon is included in this operation and uses individual own cells to generate a breast which carefully fits the other breast, if needed a synthetic enhancement could even be use.

2) Chemotherapy

Chemo may be required by several Individuals subsequent to the Breast Operation. In Chemo a mixture of the medications can be used to destroy the cancer cells. The treatment will be planned by the medical oncologist based on the person instance. Chemo could be given as Palliative and Neo adjuvant .

3) Radiation Therapy

Radiation Treatment obviously follows breast-Conservation Surgery. If needed, it could also be used after operation. The treatment utilizes quite high-energy x rays to destroy the cells that nevertheless might not be absent in the afflicted breast or lymph node that is near-by. This process is pain-free when the therapy is happening, as well as the individual will not feel something.

4) Hormone Therapy

Hormonal therapy medications are entire-body (systemic) remedy for hormone-receptor-positive breast cancers. Endocrine receptors are. These signs “start” growing in tissues which have receptors. Hormonal treatment medications may be used to reduce the chance of early-stage hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer returning, reduce the danger of hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer in females that are at high-risk but have not been diagnosed with breast cancer and let shrink or slow the development of high level-phase or metastatic hormone-receptor-positive breast cancers.

First a complete Medical Assessment will be done. This medical assessment includes:
  1. Medical examination
  2. Mammogram, when MRI that is required and USG.
  3. Whole-body PET-CT to try to find distributed in the body
  4. Program blood checks, CXR and echo

Breast Cancer Treatment Cost in India  1500 to 1800 US Dollars

Post assessment a patient may require surgical procedure like Traditional or Radical Mastectomy Cost in India – about 4000 USD.

Notice: The Price Approximation above contains and includes stay for an attendant with food, medicine, drugs and consumables cost and Pick and drop at airport, stay in a Room. A More precise treatment price estimates can be provided if reports are e-mailed to us.

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