Coronary Angiography

Surgery Package Details

Cost Of Angiography In India $500 USD
Stay In Hospital : 1 Days
Post Discharge Stay in India : 3 Days
Success Rate of Angiography in India : 99.99%
Angiography Package Inclusions :

  1. Hospital Room Charges (For The Specified Period)
  2. Surgeon’s Fees
  3. O.t. (Operation Theater) Charges
  4. Anesthesia Charges
  5. Investigations Related To The Surgery
  6. Food And Beverages For The Patient And 1 Attendant Of The Patient

Besides the above mentioned package inclusions , the coronary Angiography in India package will generally also include the medications if otherwise indicated in the final treatment in India plan that Medicure Team will share with you.
Additional Services For Our Patients

  1. Meet & Greet Service Airport Pickup And Drop
  2. Dedicated Tour Manager To Be With You During Your Treatment In India
  3. Interpreter For Our Clients According To Their Native Language
  4. Chauffeur Driven Car To Our Privileged Clients
  5. Assistance In Booking Hotels/guest Houses According To Your Budget
  6. Multi Country Cuisine According To Your Home Country
  7. Indian Medical Visa Assistance

NOTE: Kindly share your medical reports for a detailed diagnosis by our doctors.

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Information About Angiography

Angiography is an invasive imaging procedure that involves inserting a catheter into a blood vessel in the arm or leg, and guiding it to the carotid arteries with the aid of a special x-ray machine. Contrast dye is injected through the catheter so that x-ray movies of your carotid arteries (the arteries that supply your brain with oxygen-rich blood) are taken. This procedure is considered the “gold standard” for imaging the carotid and cerebral vessels.

A clear picture of the blood vessels by an x-ray is known as an angiogram. The carotid artery is a large artery comprising the arteries of the head and neck which supply the brain with oxygen rich blood. The main function of the carotid artery is to supply blood to the head from the heart via the neck. Carotid angiogram is the study of carotid arteries to determine the possibility of any blockage, extent of blockage, narrow arteries or build up of plaque.

How will angiography in India be done ?

Carotid angiogram is a 45 minute x-ray test that employs the use of special dye and camera. The angiogram procedure involves the insertion of a thin flexible tube or catheter in the groin or above the elbow. The catheter is then guided to the head and neck region.

A special dye is then injected into the vessel to make the pictures more clear. The angiogram data or pictures can be recorded as x-ray films or as digital pictures on a computer. The patient is observed for a short time span before being given the permission to leave the medical center. The angiogram of the carotid artery helps evaluate conditions such as bulge in blood vessel, blockage of blood vessel or abnormal pattern of blood vessels. Blockage of blood vessels is a serious condition given that blood flow may slow down or stop. Apart from carotid angiogram, a Magnetic Resonance Angiogram (MRA) and Computed Tomography Angiogram are also other options to help study the arteries of the head and neck.

Who needs an angiography in India ?

Common symptoms that may require carotid angiography are: stroke, palpitation, blurred or double vision, memory loss, speech impairment, severe headaches, weakness, numbness, loss of balance and sudden dizziness. Carotid angiogram helps your healthcare provide take appropriate decisions regarding the future course of treatment.

Carotid angiogram is also done to assess the pattern of blood flow to a tumor, or detect abnormalities in the blood vessel.

Potential risks associated with angiography:

We discuss in detail with the patient potential risks and alternatives to the procedure. Risks include (but are not limited to) serious bleeding, infection, kidney failure, stroke and heart attack. The incidence of serious complications secondary to angioplasty is approximately 1%. If diagnostic angiography alone is performed without angioplasty the risk is approximately 0.1%. 2/3rds of patients gain some improvement in blood pressure control and can decrease the total amount of blood pressure medication.


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