Colon Cancer Treatment in India

Colon Cancer Colorectal cancer , rectum – cancer; Colon – Adenocarcinoma Treatments at world class network cancer hospitals in India

Colorectal cancer is more prevalent in developed nations and often called bowel cancer, it is the third-most frequently diagnosed cancer on the planet. Its signs tend to be anaemia and anal bleeding related to changes and fat reduction .

Cancer when left untreated, can grow in the layers underneath, after which through the colon walls and begins in the lining of the gut. Cancers which are confined inside the walls of the colon are generally curable with surgery. In advanced phases Chemotherapy is effective in enhancing standard of living and drawing out the individual lifestyle.

DANGER ELEMENTS – You might be not unlikely to get an increased danger of cancer of the colon if you:

Are over the age of 60
Are African-American of European ancestry that is eastern
Consume a diet high in processed or red meats
Have cancer elsewhere
Have polyps
Have inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis)
Have a family history of cancer
Have your own history of breast cancer

How Colon Cancer is diagnosed and identified?

Colonoscopy: An endoscope is placed to the anus and progressed through the colon, by these means the whole colon can be examined by a doctor.

Identification is supported using a biopsy – Period of disorder is supported by pathologists and imaging assessments, including computed axial tomography (CT or CAT) scans.

Endoscopic ultra sound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) could also be used to stage rectal cancer

Sigmoidoscopy: An endoscope is transferred through the remaining side of the colon and interested in the anus. It can’t be utilized to look at the right and central surfaces of the colon.

Fecal occult blood test (FOBT) as well as blood cell count (CBC) to look for for anaemia and CT , MRI or PET scans of the abdomen, pelvic region

Therapy Treatment possibilities for Cancer at Best Hospitals in India

Minimal-Invasive Laparoscopic Colon Surgery

The doctor enters the abdominal cavity by putting a canula (a thin tube-like device) to the stomach (stomach) through a tiny cut (1/2 — 1/4 inch)

Co2 gas is pumped to the abdominal cavity through the interface (cannula) to smoke-up or fill the midriff, creating operating space for the doctor.

A laparoscope (a tiny telescope connected to a TV camera) is put through the canula, and permits the doctor to visit an amplified illuminated view of the organs on a Television monitor

2 to FOUR additional canulas are added to permit usage of specific devices to operate within the abdomen (abdomen).

Among the little incisions is somewhat increased allowing elimination of the cells, in case a part of the colon is eliminated.

Benefits of Minimal-Invasive Laparoscopic Colon Surgery

Less operative injury, minimally-invasive, smaller hospitalization, Enhanced aesthetic results

Decreased postoperative discomfort, quicker healing and return to regular diet and activities.

Less post-operative painkiller condition

Additional Methods for Colon Cancer therapy and treatment offered by our network cancer hospitals in India

Colectomy – Bowel resection is surgical procedure to eliminate a part or all of your colon. This surgical procedure is called. The bowel can be known as colon or the large intestine. Elimination of the anus as well as the whole colon is called a proctocolectomy. Removing of part or all the colon but not the rectum is known as colectomy.

Chemo – Just about all individuals with stage III colon cancer should receive chemotherapy after operation for about 6 – 8 weeks. The drug 5-fluorouracil was proven to improve the likelihood of a remedy in individuals that are a few. Chemo can also be utilized to enhance symptoms and extend survival in-patients with stage IV cancer of the colon.

Radio-frequency Ablation for Colorectal Cancer -Radio-Frequency ablation leverages the strength of microwave technologies to greatly help ruin colorectal cancer that’s spread to the liver, the website to which the infection may distribute. Radio-frequency ablation assists the doctors and radiologists at Cancer Centers of America remove liver tumours that are little, frequently without the dangers and suffering connected with conventional operation. Radio-frequency ablation can also be not as agonizing and less-invasive.

Colon Cancer Treatment cost at top cancer hospitals in India

The patient will be admitted for 2 days to carry out investigative tests:

  • CT , MRI or PET scans of the abdomen, pelvic area
  • Colon biopsy – to confirm stage of disease
  • Sigmoidoscopy
  • Fecal occult blood test (FOBT), Complete blood count (CBC)

Evaluation Cost Estimate for colon cancer treatment in India – $1500 to 1800 USD

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