Femoro-Popliteal Bypass Surgery

Why is Femoropopliteal Bypass Surgery needed?

There are a network of veins in our entire body which help in the functioning of some particular parts of the body. In our thigh area which is called as the femoral area of our body, a similar bunch of veins flow from the femur toward the feet. In these veins, there is a very important vein present which is called as the femoral artery. This artery is important because it is responsible to provide oxygen rich blood to the entire leg.

Sometimes, the femoral artery can get blocked due to the plaque caused in it. This results into a blockage of blood in the artery and the blood cannot reach to the remaining leg. Because of the lack of oxygen and blood in the veins, the leg might stop functioning and might need to get amputated.

To prevent such complications, the Femoropopliteal Bypass surgery is done.

Following can be some of the major complications if it is not operated:

  • Risk of losing the limb
  • Infection like gangrene
  • Extreme pain and weakness in the leg.
  • Restrictions while doing the daily work etc.

How is the Femoropopliteal Bypass done?

In the Femoropopliteal Bypass surgery, the exact location of the blockage is determined through an x-ray or other tests. After determining the exact place of the blockage, the surgeon makes an incision over that area. The part of vein that is blocked is cut out. Then another healthy vein from the leg which is not very important is cut and is attached to the femoral artery. This a piece of another artery attached is called as a graft. Sometimes, the doctor might use an artificial graft instead of a natural one. Ones the graft is attached, the blood flow is supervised till it comes to normal. As the time passes, the graft start building tissues and becomes a part of the original femoral artery.

Types of Femoropopliteal Bypass Surgery

There is only one type of Femoropopliteal Bypass surgery however, this problem can be solved by another method also.

In this surgery, instead of making a big incision, the doctor makes a smaller cut and inserts a catheter in the femoral artery. This catheter has a balloon like tip which is inflated in the infected area. Due to the inflation, the plaques caused in the artery gets cleaned and sucked out of the artery.

Points to remember

Taking care of the patient after the surgery is very important because, a number of complications can arise after the surgery. The patient must immediately visit a doctor if he observes the following:

  • Redness, irritation or bleeding on the insertion wound.
  • Constant fever, chills or fluctuating temperature
  • Nauseous feeling
  • Pain in the chest, problem in breathing, dizziness or sweating.

The patient is expected to take rest. He is not allowed to do heavy physical activity for the initial weeks after the surgery. The patient must also visit the doctor regular to check if the blood flow in the femoral artery is normal or not.

Success rate of Femoropopliteal Bypass Surgery in India

The person might get infections, blood pressure problems, pain, hearts or strokes during or after the surgery. The studies show that 3-5% of the patients undergoing Femoropopliteal Bypass surgery die or get a heart attack.

Cost of Femoropopliteal Bypass Surgery in India

The cost of Femoropopliteal Bypass surgery in India starts from approximately 6 lakhs. This cost includes the doctor’s fees, the cost of the stay at the hospital, the other facilities availed etc. the patient might pay some additional amount after the surgery as some incidental charges. However, this cost is very low as compared to the other countries.

Top best hospitals for Femoropopliteal Bypass in India

Following are some of the best hospitals in India which have surgeons for Femoropopliteal Bypass surgery:

  • Aster Medicity, Kochi
  • Indraprastha Apollo hospital, Delhi
  • Narayana Multi-speciality Hospital, Bangalore
  • Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai
  • Fortis escort Heart Institute, Delhi
  • Primus Super speciality Hospital, New Delhi

Best doctors for Femoropopliteal Bypass in India

There are a number of expert doctors in this field as follows:

  • Dr. Kumud Rai, Max Speciality hospital, Delhi
  • Dr Surinder Singh Khatana, Paras Hospital, Gurgaon
  • Dr. Tarun Grover, Medanta Medicity, Gurgaon
  • Dr. Himanshu Verma, Gurgaon
  • Dr. Virender Singh Sheorain, Medanta Medicity, Gurgaon
  • Dr. Rajiv Parakh, Medanta Medicity, Gurgaon

All these doctors are vascular surgeons who have an experience of more than 10 years in this field.

Patient testimonials

  • “Hello I am Christina from USA and I am a ballet dance teacher. Last year when I was teaching my students, I fell down while dancing. My leg felt weak and I couldn’t get up and walk. I immediately visited my doctor. He explained me how my artery was damaged and also explained me the surgery procedure. However, I was not will to spend 10 lakhs on my surgery. So I started to google about hospitals which offer Femoropopliteal Bypass surgery at a low cost. I found a good hospital called Apollo hospital. Surprisingly they had a different section on their website for the international patients. Within next 5 days I had booked an appointment with a doctor at Apollo and also booked my tickets. When I visited the hospital in Delhi, it was very big. They had a special premise for their international patients. I completed all the formalities and got operated. The doctor there was very kind and patient. The staff too took a good care of me after the surgery. I go the best service at a very reasonable cost. I don’t regret mu decision to fly to India just for a surgery. Now I can continue with my dancing. All this is because of the amazing doctor and service at Apollo Hospital.”


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