Gamma Knife RadioSurgery

The most advanced Nonsurgical Therapy for Complex Brain Tumors now at Medicure Assist Network hospitals in India

There is zero loss of blood in this sophisticated stereotactic tumor treatment as no knife or incision is utilized although therefore its known as Bladeless Gamma Knife Tumor Treatment.

There’s a fresh ray of expect individuals having brain cancer illnesses for therapy by Gamma Knife radiosurgery. There is bloodstream or no knife even though it is called Knife. On the contrary, it is a stereotactic therapy that is the most recognized and extensively employed radiosurgery treatment on the planet and provides a dosage of radiation with surgical accuracy not seen anywhere.

Gamma Blade is an effectual and very exact device which utilizes radiation to take care of the mind and is
known as radiosurgery. Gamma Knife RadioSurgery is recognized globally for treating brain tumors, arteriovenous malformations and brain dysfunctions like trigeminal neuralgia.

Benefits Of Having Gamma Knife RadioSurgery

  1. Knife is a device developed solely for treating brain tumors and requires no shaving of head.
  2. – No anesthesia, no incisions and is a non-invasive technique
  3. – The tumor patch being handled receives a radiation with dose and with minimal danger to cells and nearby tissues that line the tumor.
  4. – Since no incision is required it gets rid of the danger of contamination and haemorrhage.
  5. – The secure head frame provides full safety, precision and accuracy within a millimeter
  6. – Hospital stay is minimal and very short, this is normally an outpatient medical procedure or at most an over-night stay. Individuals may resume their normal life post Gamma Knife radiosurgery session.
  7. – Patients can expect to go home generally on the exact same evening ( you can resume your job quickly)
Gamma Knife radiosurgery is an effective therapy of Brain Cancers including:
  1. Meningioma
  2. Trigeminal Neurinoma
  3. Either cranial nerves
  4. Pituitary Adenoma
  5. Multiple and solitary metastasis of brain cancer
  6. Arteriovenous Malformations in patients
  7. Pathologies of brain in adults and children which are in early stage
  8. Functional brain problems including Epilepsy

Get certified CERTIFIED WORLD’s LOWEST Gamma Knife RadioSurgery PACKAGES IN INDIA –  Surgery is done in India at a fraction of cost  with savings of over 75% compared to similar Novalis Tx Radiosurgery done in other parts of the world. Medicure Assist  affiliated certified World class hospitals in India provide an expert medical opinion from experienced surgeons and accompanying medical tour package cost which includes stay in hospital in a private deluxe room where the patient’s companion can also stay along with the surgeon’s fee, consumables, medicines and nursing care, patient’s food and airport pick up & drop and translation services if required by the patient etc.

Total Cost Estimate of Getting Gamma Knife RadioSurgery in India USD $7500

Please scan and email your medical reports and images to us   to avail this facility.  We shall get back you with a Free, No Obligation Expert Medical Opinion from India’s leading Specialist Doctors.

Best Gamma Knife RadioSurgery Hospitals in India

India has some of the best hospitals for Gamma Knife RadioSurgery in India. Using the latest available technology and techniques the Gamma Knife RadioSurgery is done. A large of doctors and surgeons are nationally renowned for their expertise in Gamma Knife RadioSurgery in India.

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Patient Testimonials

Medicure Assist has been helping international patients in getting treatment in India at world class hospitals. Our patients are fully satisfied with our service and consultancy. Some of the best hospitals in India work with us. We encourage our patients to first read about our patient testimonials and what they feel about medical tourism India. It will give you an idea about Medicure Assist and what drives our work. We have been serving medical tourists with sincerity and dedication since our inception

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