Hip Revision Surgery

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What is Hip Revision Surgery?

Our hip bone consists of an end which looks like a ball like structure. It is called as the femur which is cover with a thin layer of cartilage and tissues. This ball like structure is of such a shape that it gets fixed in the pelvis socket. Between the joint, a fluid gets secreted continuously which helps in lubricating the joint. But due to the increasing age, the bones start rubbing each other. This damages the cartilage layer and induces immense pain. With the help of orthopaedic surgeries like total hip replacement and hip resurfacing, the femur and the socket can be repaired. In the surgery process, an artificial prosthesis is used to cap the femur or replace the femur itself. Usually, the life of a good quality prosthesis is more than 10 years.

The hip revision Surgery has to be done to replace the worn out, loose, damaged or infected prosthesis. The artificial implant sometimes gets disintegrated inside the body and its particle might get caught inside the joint of the hip inducing pain and restricted movement. Or it may also get located. Therefore, the implant has to be replaced with a new one.

The revision can be a Total Hip Revision in which the entire femoral head from the artificial stem is removed and a new one is attached. Or it can be a Partial hip revision in which only some parts of the prosthesis are needed to be changed.

 In short, the following can be the reason to undergo Hip Revision Surgery:

  • To replace the prosthesis. (different parts like liner, stem, cup, femoral prosthesis)
  • Revising hip resurfacing to Total Hip replacement by cutting off the damaged part of the femur.
  • To graft new bones in case of natural bone being degraded.
  • To operate with new implants.

The surgery in which the old implant is removed and a new one is attached is called as Hip Revision Surgery.

Types of Hip Revision Surgery

The purpose of undergoing a Hip revision is different for different persons depending on the degree of damage happened. Thus, there are a few types of revision surgeries available as follows:

  • Surgical cleaning: This is done when an infection is detected in a very early stage in the already existing hip implant. This type of revision is like a cleansing procedure which avoids the future risks of more damage.
  • Exchange of hip replacement: This is a two stage surgery in which the first step involves removing of the existing implants, cleaning the joint and the bones and implanting a temporary cement implant for 6-8 weeks. After this period the hip replacement procedure is repeated.
  • Revision of Hip replacement: This is a one-step operation in which the old implants are removed and immediately to, new ones are attached.

It is the job of the doctor to advise the suitable surgery for the patient depending on the state of his previous implant.

Time taken for Hip Revision surgery

One can say that the Hip revision surgery is similar to re doing the Hip replacement surgery. But still the time needed for revision is two times more than the time taken for the original Total replacement surgery. The exact time needed to complete the surgery cannot be stated because the time of the operation depends on the complexity of the patient’s hips’ damage.

In this surgery, the most advanced equipments and tools are used. Hence, the surgeon can aim for utmost precision while revising the hips.

On an average, a normal case of Hip revision needs approximately 2-3 hours of time. In case on any complications the time can increase up to 5 hours.

Also there are many rules to be taken care of before and after the surgery. Therefore, along with the hours of surgery, the day before surgery and some weeks after the surgery till the patient is fully recovered are also very important to get a long term result of the hip revision.

Hip revision surgery cost

In India, the cost of hip revision surgery ranges from 5 – 8 lakhs. This amount is inclusive of the doctor’s fees, hospital’s room charges, logistic of the patient and other incidental charges which occur before or after the surgery. This amount is not only reasonable but also offers the international standards of services to the patients. People from outside India find this a good idea to come to India for this surgery and go back happily healthy without any financial worries.

The cost of Hip revision may vary from person to person depending on the type of Hip revision to be done, type of implants to be used, stay in the hospital, complications during the surgery etc.

Top hospitals for Hip Revision Surgery

In most of the cases the hospitals which provide orthopaedic surgeries also provide hip revision surgeries. There are many renowned hospitals all over India which provide Hip surgeries and also their revision. Some of the hospitals are as follows:

  • Fortis Memorial Research institute, Gurgaon
  • Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon
  • Medanta Hospital, Gurgaon
  • Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi
  • Apollo Hospital in Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata etc.
  • Max Super Speciality Hospital, Delhi
  • Moolchand Medcity, Delhi
  • Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai
  • MGM Hospital, Mumbai

All these hospitals provide a world class service to their customers in a very reasonable cost if compared with the other countries. Hence, just like Hip replacement surgery, many people fly to India from other countries to get operated effectively.

Top doctors for Hip Revision Surgery

This surgery is a very important surgery because, it is a second surgery after the original operation. This can lead to various complications. Hence it is very important to consult the right doctor. Here are some of the most renowned doctors in this field:

  • Dr. Raju Vaishya- Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi
  • Dr Gopala Krishnan- Apollo Hospital, Chennai
  • Dr. Gautam Zaveri- Fortis Hospital, Mumbai
  • Dr. Subhash Jangid, Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon
  • Dr. Anil Arora
  • Dr. Vijay C Bose, Apollo Hospital

One must do the required tests, x-rays etc. as told by the doctor, before choosing any hip revision surgery.

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