Laser Prostate Surgery in India

Getting Laser based Prostate Surgery in India, Laser Prostatectomy in India, TURP Surgery in India (Transurethral Resection of the Prostate)-Most Advanced Complex Prostate Treatment at top Urology Hospitals in India

Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) is a surgery of the prostate done to get rid of the entire or just some part of the prostate gland which has increased in size.

TURP is today the second-most frequently performed medical surgery that males over-age 65 undergo.

Now in recent times a Laser TURP is considered to be the “Gold-Standard” among all accessible remedies for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) treatment. BPH is an extremely frequent affliction in male patients over 65 years of age.

Each year due to Prostate cancer over 30,000 male patients die in USA.

TURP is a laser prostate surgery for males with bladder outlet obstruction secondary to bladder neck constriction or BPH.

The population with prostate issues have a higher anaesthetic hazard and issues due to a larger incidence and coexisting pulmonary and cardio vascular diseases

TURP holds exceptional and unique issues due to the necessity to make use of substantial amounts of irrigating liquid that are used during endoscopic resection surgery.

Types Minimally-Invasive Laser prostate Surgery

Greenlight Laser prostate Surgery (PVP)

Photoselective Vaporization of the Prostate (PVP), also called the Greenlight Laser, has emerged as treating choice for the majority of individuals having surgery for BPH. It’s minimally-invasive surgery in the meaning that each of the function to open the route is created with no incision on the belly, via the member. Hence, it can be called as bladeless laser prostate surgery procedure.
The prostate cells is vaporized from the laser that is focused on the prostate. Once that is accomplished under general or spinal anesthesia.

Advantages of using a laser prostate surgery over conventional TURP (transurethral resection of the prostate) are several and significant:

  1. Faster improved urine flow .
  2. Quicker recovery to get back to regular life.
  3. Almost bloodless laser prostate surgery process.
  4. Is an Out patient process for otherwise healthy patients.
Holium Laser prostate Surgery

Holmium laser prostate Surgery enucleation of the prostate (HOLEP) is a minimally-invasive therapy for benign prostatichyperplasia (BPH). Its quick- and longterm consequences are not inferior to those connected supra-pubic prostatectomy and the pro-state.

HOLEP is done transurethrally, with a laser to divide the plane between the prostate supplement as well as the adenoma.

HOLEP enables total resection of adenomatous cells, reducing the importance of re-treatment in future.

Benefits and Advantages of TURP or Laser prostate Surgery / Prostatectomy

  1. No Blood Loss and Short Hospital Stay
  2. Large surgical success rate and this also reduces symptoms in 88% of BPH sufferers.
  3. Improvement is generally noticed by many individuals in urine flow when the catheter is removed
  4. Heart individuals who are on blood-thinning agents can benefit from a laser prostate surgery
  5. Individuals with renal disorder that have the inclination hemorrhage profusely
  6. Prostrates with size of over 60 gm can be treated effortlessly
  7. Individuals with High Blood Pressure, Diabetes & high-risk for anesthesia
    Individuals that have undergone joint replacement operation
 Traditional TURP versus TURP Laser prostate Surgery
Traditional TURP TURP Laser prostate Surgery
  1. Blood-thinning agents must be quit a week to 10 days prior to the task. This sets the heart in danger to get another heart attack.
  2. Standard TURP enables cells elimination at 1g/min. Thus gland dimensions over 60 gm is transformed from an endoscopic to open process.
  3. Standard TURP uses electrical energy thus which makes process that is gradual and dangerous
  4. It needs substantial quantity of blood because this is a process that is available and likelihood of loss of blood are more.
  5. Perhaps not a great choice for Prostate Glands that are big in size.
  1. Smaller Hospital Stay
  2. DIODE laser may vaporize 3-4 grams/min. Here regular saline can be used as an irrigant which on soaking up doesn’t trigger TURP symptoms. Thus prostate gland beyond 100 gm can be managed utilizing laser power.
  3. TURP based Laser prostate Surgery generally is quicker and safer
  4. Some great benefits of the process are that there isn’t any blood decrease
  5. A perfect means of prostate glands that are huge

Laser Prostate Surgery TURP cost in India: $5000 USD

Hospital stay in India for TURP Laser Prostate Surgery: 4 Days

PLEASE NOTE : The above mentioned treatment Estimate Costs includes stay of patient in a Private Deluxe Room where the patient’s attendant can also stay, cost of surgeon fee, medicines and consumables, nursing care and even includes home food and Airport Pick & Drop. A More accurate treatment cost estimate can be provided if complete medical reports are emailed to us or after the patient is examined by doctors at hospital in India post arrival and investigative medical tests are done after admission.

Please scan and email your medical reports and images to us   to avail this facility.  We shall get back you with a Free, No Obligation Expert Medical Opinion from India’s leading Specialist Doctors.

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