LASIK Surgery

LASIK Surgery

LASIK surgery is a new type of procedure which makes use of laser beam to correct issues of far sightedness, near sightedness or astigmatism in eye patients. The overall lasik surgery has led to an improvement and advancement in the way eye surgeries are done. These type of surgeries are also used to correct the vision which enables the patient to not wear contact lenses or spectacles removal surgery. Hence, this surgery is also referred as spectacle removal surgery.

A lasik surgery involves reshaping of the cornea of the eye through a laser. By reshaping the cornea the light that enters the eye is guided properly towards the retina which is located at the back of eye. Lasik surgery is one such surgery that has many benefits and advantages

First being that the success rate of surgery is over 97% and patients who undergo this surgery get their desired level of vision correctness.

This is a painless procedure in which the patients do not feel any type of pain during the surgery. Since there are no incisions or cuts LASIK surgery is also referred to as a blade-less eye surgery.

The surgery time is extremely low.At most only 1 hour is required for a LASIK surgery. This is a daycare procedure and the patients can go home post surgery.

There are absolutely no complications post surgery. Complications of any are very rare and not life threatening.

Patients post lasik surgery have to follow simple precautions for one week such as wearing dark glasses, not rubbing their eyes and not looking into directly towards high beam lights. Also post surgery for sometime lightning sources are seen blurred and not clearly. But this blur vision is corrected itself within few days.

LASIK surgery has become a choice among many eye patients who want to go for a spectacle free look. Since there are many benefits and enhances the facial look of the patient LASIK surgery is also seen as a type of cosmetic surgery by the patients. But whatever it is called this surgery is here to stay and will continue to benefit patients for years to come.

India is one the top medical tourism destination for getting LASIK surgery. The extremely low cost LASIK Surgery in India along with added benefits such as latest technology makes it an ideal and popular destination among the medical tourists.

 Cost of LASIK surgery in India is about $2000 USD only

The cost varies depending upon the patient’s medical condition and also the type of surgery to be performed.

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