Microdiscectomy Spine Surgery In India

Microdiscectomy Spine Surgery in India and rest of the world is performed to relieve the pressure and pain on the spinal nerve. The pain on the spinal nerve is due to the compression of the nerve by the spinal disc. Microdiscectomy Spine Surgery is required by patients experiencing or having a herniated disc.

Microdiscectomy Spine Surgery is also highly effective and recommended for the treatment of radiculopathy or called the radiating leg pain. As we know the nerve roots extend all the way into the limbs and compression of these nerve roots directly affect the leg movement. Patients who have opted for Microdiscectomy Spine Surgery in India have reported excellent recovery in leg pain.

Operation For Microdiscectomy Spine Surgery

A microdiscectomy spine surgery is a minimally surgery which is performed by making a very small incision in the back of the patient near the herniated disc.

  • In the first step  the back muscles  are lifted off the lamina of the spine. Since such muscles run vertically hence they are not cut instead they are just removed partially.
  • Once this has been done then the surgeon moves towards the spine and with the help of optical glass visualizes the nerve roots and the herniated disc which is protruding.
  • By analysing the nerve roots, the surgeon moves towards the herniated disc, and skilfully removes the herniated disc pieces. This removal eases the pressure on the nerve roots .

The most important benefit of getting Microdiscectomy Spine Surgery in India is that the whole spinal structure is left as it is without any removal or addition. Thereby the structural integrity of the spine is maintained to the optimum.

When is Microdiscectomy Spine Surgery Needed

Patients who are experiencing throbbing pain in their legs which is radiating from the lower back are usually advised to get the Microdiscectomy Spine Surgery. But before getting the surger patients are also advised to wait for 3-4 weeks to see if there is any reduction in pain. If there is reduced pain then certain physical activities and exercises are recommended which strengthens the spinal muscles of the lower back. However if there is no significant reduction in pain then patients are advised to get Microdiscectomy Spine Surgery at the earliest.

What To Expect Post Microdiscectomy Spine Surgery In India

Microdiscectomy Spine Surgery In India is a day care procedure which no stay in hospital. Being a minimally invasive surgery there is quick and fast recovery time. The patients can expect to resume their daily routine life post the surgery. However, patients should desist from picking up heavy loads, bending continuously etc. for a certain time period.

Success rate for Microdiscectomy Spine Surgery is more than 95%.

Cost Of Microdiscectomy Spine Surgery In India is upwards of $8500-$9000 USD 

Hospital Stay of 6 days

Where can I get Microdiscectomy Spine Surgery In India ?

India has some of the best hospitals for Microdiscectomy Spine Surgery In India. Using the latest available technology and techniques for Microdiscectomy Spine Surgery In India . Top and renowned spine surgeons in India to look after you and do a wonderfully successful spinal surgeries.

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Testimonials by Microdiscectomy Spine Surgery Patients

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