Ptosis Correction Surgery

Ptosis Correction Surgery

Ptosis Correction Surgery is required to correct the drooping upper eyelids. Drooping eyelids can be caused due to weakening of the levator muscle that is located in the upper eyelid. Levator muscle is responsible for keeping the upper eyelid into position. This weakening of the muscle can be age related or birth related. Ptosis Correction Surgery aims to strengthen these levator muscles by use of strands in the eyelids that keep the eyelid open and not droop. When the eyes are wide open then the stands pulls the eyelid backwards and when the eyelids are closed the eyelids are adjusted with the help of the strands.

The opening and closing of the eyelids is perfected over a period of time. Children may require a frontal suspension during Ptosis Correction Surgery. In frontal suspension fibrous muscles are taken from the leg tissue. These muscles provide a much linger lasting solution to drooping eye in children. The success of Ptosis Correction Surgery is more dependant upon how well the strands were placed and how well they adjust to the eyelids. Therefore, only skilled and experienced ophthalmologists are able to perform Ptosis Correction Surgery.

Post Ptosis Correction Surgery the patient may experience a blurred vision and swelling in the eye. This is completely normal and is taken care of with the usage of eye drops and cold ice packs. The drooping eyelids stabilises after sometime and patient can go back to normal life. The approximate cost of Ptosis Correction Surgery in India is $2000 USD with the actual cost varying from patient to patient.

Some of the risks of getting Ptosis Correction Surgery can be

  1. Unusual bruising or swelling of the eye post surgery
  2. Infection of the eye
  3. Need for adjustment or additional revision surgery
  4. Asymmetric eyelid height issues
  5. Overcorrection or under-correction of the eyelids
  6. Dry spots requiring lubricants usage
  7. Stiffness of the eyelid in down gaze
  8. Need to get the eyelid lowered if intolerant of having the eyelid opened

Altough such risks are rare and do not commonly occur. It is better to get treatment through expert and experienced Ptosis Correction Surgery ophthalmologists.  India has some of the best eye hospitals and Delhi is the best destination for getting Ptosis Correction Surgery in India.

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