Retinal Detachment Surgery

Retinal Detachment Surgery

Retinal Detachment Surgery is required when the retina of the eye becomes detached or when due to the the detachment the there is rapid loss of vision. The success rate of Retinal Detachment Surgery depends upon how fast the surgery is done post the detection of detached retina. When the macula which is located in the centre of the eye and is responsible for the central vision starts loosing contact with layers beneath it, the vision starts getting affected.

Retinal Detachment can be repaired through surgeries such as scleral buckle surgery, pneumatic retinopexy, or vitrectomy.  An ophthalmologist usually performs the surgery as soon as retinal detachment is detected.  This becuase post retinal detachment the vision starts declining rapidly. There two scenarios that can be encountered

  1. If the macula of the eye is still attached and the  Retinal Detachment Surgery is performed then there are very high chances of restoration of the vision
  2. If the macula of the eye has become completely detached then the ophthalmologist will defer the surgery by few more days and then perform the Retinal Detachment Surgery. Even then post surgery good vision is possible but not very likely.

Usually a retinal tear also lead to retinal detachment. The major symptoms of retinal tears is flashing lights. But before the doctors proceed with treating the retinal tear they will decide if the retinal tear will lead to the detachment of the retina. If so, then surgery is required. Post retinal detachment surgery the surgeon will fill the eye with non soluble oils usually silicon oil. This is to maintain the fluid balance in the eye.

Cost of retinal detachment surgery along with the silicon oil is approximately $2600 USD

. Retinal detachment surgery is a day care procedure and the patient will be discharged the same day.  Some of the top retinal detachment surgery hospitals in India are located in Delhi. They are known for their low cost high quality retinal detachment surgery packages. Medicure Assist provides international patients with top quality certified affordable low cost eye surgery in India.

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