Robotic HIFU Prostatectomy Surgery

Robotic HIFU Prostatectomy Surgery In India is one of the leading surgery that international patients get. With the advancement of technology and expertise today Robotic HIFU Prostatectomy Surgery In India is being offered to patients at a very competitive price that was previously not available to patients.

HIFU stands for “High Intensity Focused Ultrasound” where this is guided by robots. This ensures a very high degree of precision during the prostatectomy surgery. Robotic HIFU Prostatectomy is able to target the prostate cancer cells with completely radiation free sound waves. Not only this a Robotic HIFU Prostatectomy Surgery In India is very time-efficient such that this surgery is usually over in 2-3 hours and is performed  under spinal anesthesia.

A typical Robotic HIFU Prostatectomy Surgery In India will comprise of the following stages of surgery

Advantages of Robotic HIFU Prostatectomy Surgery in India

  1. There is No blood loss
  2. A very Quick recovery period
  3. Non surgical surgery
  4. Radiation free surgery
  5. An outpatient procedure with patient discharge in 1-2 days

Robotic HIFU Prostatectomy Surgery In India is one of the most modern technique that is ideal for treatment of low grade prostate cancer in patients. It has immense benefits and involves no surgery, no radiation , a very good cancer control, very minimal morbidity rate.

Robotic HIFU Prostatectomy Surgery In India helps to improve the quality of life after the surgery and besides the surgery itself there are some other  advantages for the patients such as early return of erections and good urinary control.

Before Robotic HIFU Prostatectomy Surgery In India

Patients are given two enemas around 2 hours before the procedure. To minimize the body movement by  the patient and to ensure that the patient does not move during HIFU surgery  patients are given a light intravenous sedation and a spinal anesthesia. This is able to take of body movement of patients.

During Robotic HIFU Prostatectomy Surgery In India

There is literally no pain during the surgery. A very  small probe is inserted into the rectum which emits ultrasound waves directly into the prostatic tissues. During the HIFU Prostatectomy Surgery, the Sonablate delivers real-time images of the prostate and the surrounding area giving the surgeons with highly accurate, detailed and immediate feedback. This ensures that proper areas of the prostate are targeted for the surgery ensuring high precision of targeting.  Robotic HIFU Prostatectomy Surgery In India time varies depending upon the patients condition and other associated factors but generally the surgery lasts between one to four hours depending on the size of the prostate.

After Robotic HIFU Prostatectomy Surgery In India

Immediately after Robotic HIFU Prostatectomy Surgery the patient gets one to two hour recovery period at the treatment center and then if all the vital parameters are stable the patient gets discharged. Patient recovery is very minimal and stress-free.

A catheter which had been inserted during the Robotic HIFU Prostatectomy Surgery is usually worn for one to four weeks. Patients are usually are up and walking around within hours after Robotic HIFU Prostatectomy Surgery . A patient can return to a normal lifestyle within a couple of days.

Some Robotic HIFU Prostatectomy Surgery patients experience frequent, urgency, mild discomfort or discharge in urinary stream. These symptoms are due to the Robotic HIFU Prostatectomy Surgery and improve progressively with time.

Hospital Stay : 1-2 day

Stay in India : 3-4 Days

Cost of Robotic HIFU Prostatectomy Surgery In India : $7800 

Best Hospitals for Minimally Invasive HIFU Prostatectomy Surgery In India

India has some of the best hospitals for HIFU Prostatectomy Surgery In India in India. Using the latest available technology and techniques the Robotic HIFU Prostatectomy Surgery is done. A large of doctors and surgeons are nationally renowned for their expertise in performing Robotic HIFU Prostatectomy Surgery in India.

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Patient Testimonials

Medicure Assist has been helping international patients in getting treatment in India at world class hospitals. Our patients are fully satisfied with our service and consultancy. Some of the best hospitals in India work with us. We encourage our patients to first read about our patient testimonials and what they feel about medical tourism India. It will give you an idea about Medicure Assist and what drives our work. We have been serving medical tourists with sincerity and dedication since our inception

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