Why opt for Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery in India

“56-Year old Seema  is a cheerful housewife, who is enjoying every minute with her grandkids. Since last 2 years her intense pain in the knees prevented her from playing with her grandkids and doing any household chores. But thanks to robotic knee replacement surgery, Seema could resume her life and enjoy her life once again”

Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery Patient from USA in India

New advances have taken place in recent times. Robotic knee replacement surgery is the latest type of surgery introduced in India and around the world. The first surgery in India was performed at Fortis Bone and Joint Institute at FMRI, Gurgaon

NAVIO PFS Robotics Surgical System is a highly advanced next generation robotics-enabled system for joint replacement surgeries such as knee & hip replacement.

Compared to all other technologies and methods of knee replacement surgeries available in the market NAVIO is far ahead in terms of precision and superior patient outcomes. A marked difference can be seen in pain relief, speed of recovery and range of motion the 3 most import criteria’s in knee replacement surgery. In fact, physiotherapy sessions required post surgeries are remarkably less compared to other conventional knee surgeries.

Conventional Knee Replacement Surgery
In conventional type of knee replacement surgeries surgeons have to make an incision of about 8 to 12 inches to operate. However, this can have some disadvantages such as higher loss of blood, damage to surrounding bones & muscles can, leave scars post surgery, implants used are standard ones which are difficult to customize and it also take a longer time for patients to recover post surgery.

What is Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery

The NAVIO PFS Robotics Surgical System has a built in Artificial Intelligence  that helps in achieving high precision and accuracy with cuts and enables preservation of more natural bone, less blood loss while ensuring a well balanced knee. The NAVIO robotics system creates a 3-D model of the affected joint which eliminates the need of getting an MRI or CT Scan before the knee surgery. Another advantage of using this system is that each surgery can be customized as per the patient since every knee is unique. This ensures that the knee implant is almost a perfect fit for the patients with complete accuracy leading to a more natural pain-free knee. Such is the perfection that patients at times patients almost forget they’ve had a knee replacement surgery done.

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How is Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery Done (Video Explanation)
Advantages of Robotic Surgery

Robotic Hip replacement and knee replacement have many benefits over convetional surgery

  • No CT Scan / MRI Required : There is no need for any additional CT / MRI Scan to be conducted before the surgery
  • Unique 3-D Knee Model : In robotic knee surgery a unique 3D model of the knee is created by the system. This 3D model is unique for every patient and gives surgeon a detailed view
  • Custom-fit knee implant possible : High accuracy of the 3D model allows the knee implants to be customized to the patient’s knee structure. The allows a better fitting implant for the patient and more comfort post surgery
  • Artificial Intelligence : The system has built in AI function which helps in the surgeon to find the find the best position / angle to operate , where to make the cuts and how to access the knee bone
  • High Accuracy : The accuracy of the system is 100% which makes it possible to do highly accurate surgeries without any damage to the surrounding bones and tissues
  • Fast recovery: Cuts required in a robotic knee surgery are very minimal and small size as compared with a conventional surgery. This makes it possible for patient to recover faster
  • Minimal blood loss: Due to very small cuts and incisions there is minimal loss of blood which leads to faster recovery
  • No bone damage :  The accuracy of a robotic surgery prevents any damage to the knee bone during the surgery when extracting the affected bone and placing the knee implant n position.

Now with this NAVIO PFS Robotics Surgical System available in Delhi, patients can look forward to getting the best robotic knee replacement surgery in India with the top-notch technology.

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