Vitrectomy Surgery

Vitrectomy Surgery

All about Vitrectomy

Vitrectomy is a surgery of the eye in which the surgeon removes the vitreous gel from the middle of the eye. This is done to help the doctor in accessing the back of the eye. Vitrectomy can also be done if blood comes into the vitreous gel. There can be variety of other reasons to pursue with the surgery.

Typically in Vitrectomy the surgeon will insert a small instrument into the eye. Then a cut will be made in the vitreous gel. Once the cut has been made the surgeon will suck out the vitreous gel through the inserted instrumented. Once the gel has been removed then a retinal detachment procedure can be done. In such cases if the retina has a lot of scars or a large cut then remedial steps will be taken. Once this has been done then in place of the vitreous gel a non soluble liquid will be put. This can be oil bubble or silicon oil. Since these type of oils are not absorbed by the eye they are very helpful in keeping the characteristics of the eye intact.

Post this the patients can be discharged on the same day or after a night of observation. Vitrectomy has become the standard surgery for cases involving retinal detachment. Such type of surgery is not only safe but also takes much less time. If post Vitrectomy any patient experiences symptoms such a loosing vision, blurring, increasing redness of the eyes, swelling or any type of discharge from the eye they should immediately consult the doctor. Such type of complications are rare and if they occur can be treated effectively.

Cost of Vitrectomy in India is approximately $2400 USD which also includes the cost of silicon oil and retinal detachment.  Delhi has some of the best eye clinics/hospitals in India and many medical tourists continue to visit Delhi for Vitrectomy surgery. Since this is a day care procedure with very high success rates it is a very popular procedure amongst the medical tourists.

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