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Mandibular Or Jaw Reconstruction Surgery In India

Mandibular Or Jaw Reconstruction Surgery In India

Mandibular Or Jaw Reconstruction Surgery is one of the most complex reconstruction cosmetic surgery that is performed by cosmetic surgeons. Mandible is the largest bone of the face and requires immense precision and expertise to begin with. The Mandibular Or Jaw Reconstruction Surgery is used to surgically reconstruct the mandible defects that may have occurred due to various factors.

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The mandibular is referred to the lower jaw. To begin with the mandible is first cut with the help of a saw. To access the mandible an incision is made behind the molar teeth where the gum starts. Through this the surgeon accesses the mandibular bone. Once the surgeon has accessed the lower jaw bone then the jaw is cut in a controlled precision manner to align in a particular manner as it had been earlier decided during the trial. Once the mandibular is in position it is fixed into its place with the help of titanium plates that are very inert and safe to be used in the human body. The surgeon then closes the incision in the gums with the help of dis solvable stitches.

Post Mandibular (Lower Jaw) Osteotomy surgery when patients wake up they will have a plastic clip inserted between their teeth this is to enable very little movement of the mandible. Initially the patients will not experience any pain due to the usage of anaesthetic in Mandibular Or Jaw Reconstruction Surgery. But gradually the pain will increase and also swelling will be seen in the jaw for 4-5 days. After 4-5 days the swelling will start to decrease. But the pain in the jaws will remain for the next 2-4 weeks which will be also be reduced by taking painkillers and medicines. For the initial 4-6 weeks the patients will be fed a watery diet so that there is minimum jaw movement. Normal eating can be reduced after 6 weeks of watery diet.

Mandibular Or Jaw Reconstruction Surgery Cost In India will be upwards of $7500 with a hospital stay of 3 days and stay in India of 5 days. It is very important to get Mandibular Or Jaw Reconstruction Surgery In India under experienced and trained professionals only. Mandibular (Lower Jaw) Osteotomy Surgery requires usage of high quality implants and precision placement of plates and sawing of the mandible.

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